Cartoon rockstar Fuzzy Logic chats with friends in exotic and not-so-exotic locales


Episode 2 – Torquil Campbell of Stars

In our second episode, join Fuzzy Logic, Ant Man Bee and Torquil Campbell (leading man of the super sweet band Stars and Broken Social Scene contributor) as they take a relaxing sunset cruise on a rowboat in Lake Erie… well, relaxing for everyone except Antman who handles all the rowing duties. They discuss pop music as a feedback looping aphrodisiac, the positive side of narcissism, pretentious dolphins, the beauty of Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd’s odd response to his departure, the slight yet substantial differences between Americans and Canadians, some benefits of global warming, Jerry Lee Lewis and the quintessential American moment, Clark Rockefeller, waiting for the illegitimate love-child of Sarah Palin, and love triangle rumors about Mr. T and Sarah Palin and Ronald Reagan… again, these are only rumors.

Episode 2, Part 1:

Episode 2, Part 2:

Stars… Beautiful. Lush. Delicate. Majestic. Triumphant. Sexy. Other-worldly. Stars music is that music you might dream up while sitting in your bedroom alone late at night after realizing that you have fallen in love, but before you have let that special person in on your little secret. It’s the fleeting moment of excitement just before one autonomous being merges with another. That moment right before the first kiss. Limitless possibility. Total surrender. When you are alone with Stars, you don’t want to be anywhere else.

Get their amazing new release, Five Ghosts, on iTunes or Amazon


Our premiere episode! Hanging out with Eef Barzelay of Clem Snide

The premiere episode of Freetime with Fuzzy takes us to a wheat field outside of Ft. Wayne, Indiana where Fuzzy Logic and Ant Man Bee meet Eef Barzelay of the band, Clem Snide to talk about God, Hank Williams, playing in Spain, playing in Cleveland, doves (or gulls), the new physics, mulitiverse theory and merging alternate realities with Billy Ray Cyrus and ASCAP… among other things.

Episode 1, Part 1:

Episode 1, Part 2:

Check out Clem Snide’s awesome new album The Meat of Life

Eef Barzelay and Clem Snide (according to Fuzzy and Ant Man): Eef Barzelay and Clem Snide will whisk you away like a summer breeze from 1989, sear your skin like Crisco oil popping off a hot griddle iron, lift your spirits like a late night phone call from a long lost friend and break your heart like a puppy dog in a strip mall pet shop. Songs of aspiration and failure, beauty in the face of decay and imminent doom… sometimes witty and ironic, sometimes deadly serious and painful… always perfectly delivered with the simple, elegant and subtly biting voice and left-handed guitar of Eef Barzelay, a man simultaneously mystified, disappointed, encouraged, annoyed and amused by this life.

Described by critic Robert Christagau (Village Voice, Rolling Stone, Blender) as “true American deadpan” and recently by as “one of the finest current songwriters in America,” Eef Barzelay and Clem Snide are indie rock staples, and the new album The Meat of Life is among their best yet. Hurry up and get yourself a copy before it all comes a tumbling down.